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335 About WO’s story

The old readers of my blog may know that I wrote some short stories featuring a fictional character oddly named “WO”. See

The story is set in a secondary school and for a long time I have great troubles designing non-trivial plots. The focus is intended to revolve around some trivial and interesting experiences, normal school life. Now the story is being rewritten in a much darker tone, featuring another character named “YC”, who commits suicide during the course of an examination. I finished the first piece of the reworked series in mid-Feburary, and submitted it to a mainland-student-run magazine SSLN. I didn’t expect it to be accepted at all, since the whole story gravitates to a suicide. Besides, though I am satisfied with the plot, the story was poorly written. Anyway, in the short run I have no intention to rewrite it again and I will post it soon.