221 My Frustration as a Blog Writer

Recent views statistics of my blog shows that I am at the lowest point in my entire blog-writing history. I cannot help complaining.
I treat blog-writing as an important part of my life, so obscurity is definitely not what I want.

But this time I will try to analyze what leads to my frustration:

In the early days of my blog writing, I received much encouragement from my friends, my classmates and even my mother. This is good. But in retrospect, as a starting blog writer, besides encouragements, what I need most is feedback. Without feedbacks I cannot improve. Without feedbacks I don’t know what should I write and how should I write. It’s true that I have got some feedbacks, though very few in number. I have submitted two articles to the mainland student-run magazine, and both of them got accepted. I was glad that they were accepted, but what the hell? I got zero feedback! That was a very frustrating experience for which I don’t write for that magazine anymore. Just a waste of time.

Anyway, besides that visitor who routinely wrote me tons of comments, very seldom did I get useful feedback, and without feedback I cannot go any further.

I am so frustrated I cannot write any more.



  1. 很多人看blog就是为了情感的宣泄,至于有没有道理反而不重要。情理并茂的文章当然是最好的,但是如果鱼和胸罩不能兼得,大部分人往往更乐意与去接受感情充沛的。毕竟理需要一个分析和接受的过程,没有诉诸于情感来得直接。要去促进一个保健品的销量,一万分论证严密的论文可能都不及一句“今年过节不收礼,收礼只收哔——哔——哔——”的广告轰炸来得管用。


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