068 Ailment to Disease

It was very unfortunate for me that I got a common cold after my mother told me her story that she got sick after she had paid a lot of effort to her academic performance. Not only did it affect my portfolio presentation, but it had also ruined my leisure time after portfolio presentation. While a healthy adult should have recovered from a common cold now, my minor fever has perpetuated for almost a week and my cough has become severer, which is due to fact that doctors in Mainland China used to feed me with high-dose antibiotics once I got a cold, but doctors in HK tend not to use antibiotics until it is proved to be the last resort. Considering my bronchi has been irritated from last night, my common cold will probably worsen to Acute/Chronic bronchitis, from which made my mother have suffered a lot when she was young and with which my immune system can hardly cope without the help of antibiotics.

However, on the night right before my portfolio presentation, I had a sore throat, and the thought that I might got a bad cold occurred to me and LIBERATED me temporarily from the anxiety about portfolio presentation, which had been bothering me for at least a whole week. In the next few day, although the minor fever had slow my reaction to the environmental stimulation, I gained a feeling of tranquillity and pleasant laziness.

Let us contemplate in a romantic way: a disease, usually incurable but permit us a plenty of free time before death, can re-define a person, and a unique disease can even assign them some kind of uniqueness, and this kind of uniqueness liberate them from the ordinary standard of success and failure, which modern society is so eager to apply to us. Stephen Hawking is a nice example. It also makes sense for a mediocre man who has been obsessed with the fear of failure for his whole life and has been diagnosed with late-stage cancer. He will probably get a new life before death because his fear of being a loser will cease to exist for the ordinary standard of success and failure will not be valid for him any more.



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