063 My Reasons to Write Blogs

One of the few things I and my roommate have common is that both us want to achieve celebrity, or in my favourite phrase, to have a great impact on the world. I’m quite sure I can find a lot of people holding similar ambition. Though I have been taught not to laugh or question one’s dream, including mine, I can not help asking the question: whether one has the potential to achieve his or her ambition? Let’s switch to another topic.

When I was in junior middle school, I marvelled those who were involved in Open Source movement and used their talent to show deep contempt for software patent system. Inspired by them, in the composition part of one examination, I confidently described my ambition as "devote myself to the development of great, great, great computer software and let everybody use it with complete freedom". Surprisingly, my ambition received great positive reception and was circulated among several Chinese teachers in my grade. I was quite firm about my ambition at that time, regardless of all the difficulties I would encounter and the stupidness of my ambition.

In high school, I was quite disappointed to find that I was not skilled in what I expected myself to be good at or should be good at. Obsessed by the fear that I might be just one among those who were too mediocre to see through their mediocrity, I changed my ambition to just achieving celebrity using legal and institutionalized way. If this goal was condemned to vanish, I would rather leave something special that would be remembered by others so I wouldn’t be reduced to nothing after death. I always consider writing blogs as one of the approach to be memorized by others, which is the one of the reasons that I am writing blogs. I also hope that writing blogs which reveal my special personality or unique thoughts, if I have any, will bring me fame.

However, it seems that writing blogs has not brought me fame because there’re few people browsing my pages, which can be judged by the small number of comments on my blog. I have to mention that there does exist people who are not accustomed to leave comments after finishing reading, including my mother (this is the reason why I prefer to write in English!). In fact, some people do prefer to discuss topics which my blogs concern or share their opinions on that topics face to face  or by mails, which partly account for the lack of comments on my blog. Since the fall semester commenced, I have been discussing upon serious topics by mail with my friends exclusively, which is the reason why the number of my serious works has reduced dramatically. Recently, I have found out that there still are people who read my articles carefully, so I decide to pick up my blog again. But now, I am only writing to those who take what I write seriously.

Writing in English is still far from a pleasant experience to me.



  1. 嘿。我看你可不像一个希望让自己在聚光灯下让大家都看着你的人物(尽管你这么写)。你明显可以有很多机会来让别人了解你。但是你并没有这么做对吧。我很感兴趣你让别人了解你的动机是什么呢?是获得承认?(很强但不被人知道和认可确实很郁闷)


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