062 I Hate Twilight!

Unlike poet’s twilight which tends to be described as splendid but sentimental, my twilight just reminds me of one thing: you have done nothing meaningful today, and since daytime has gone, you have no chance to compensate for it.

Well… When I was small, with a greedy mind that could never be satisfied, I was always hoping my parents could buy me my dream toys. However, as we seldom went out in the evening because of public order at that time, when the twilight came, I was aware that the possibility of realization of my dream was slim to none. It was for this reason that I was extremely upset when facing the twilight that should be enjoyed and appreciated. Finding possessing material things can no longer satisfy me completely, I began to be obsessed (exaggerated a lot) with the desire to get recognition in every aspects from authority and peers and become famous. Therefore, whenever twilight came, I was haunted by the thought that I made no progress towards being a celebrity and I would be rather disappointed at myself.

Unfortunately, this helpless feeling has been bothering me again since I realized that I have not achieved anything meaningful.


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