sorry for my ugly English. Feel free to
ask me for explanation of some details to avoid misunderstanding.

Unluckily, I have recently involved in
several arguments which were a waste of time and harms to my health. Had I
showed my stand first, the conversation would have ceased or continued in a
satisfying direction. Take the arguments between Miranda and me for example.
After the argument ended in Miranda’s departure, I was quite frustrated to find
what I had said had diverged from what I intended to express initially.

Actually I don’t have much opinion on the behaviors
in public of the masses in
China. It
is incorrect to assert that what they do now is due to the lack of
determination to act politely, because most of them just have no idea why they
should respect others. Don’t overrate the development in
China; we
are still far behind every country where most people act satisfyingly. I have
been accustomed to what people do in public, though I have never approved of
it. I don’t mean that we shouldn’t follow the examples of HK or other developed
areas. Just give us some time!



  1.  I guess i got what u mean… it’s fine… no biggies~
    btw, how come mine has no discriptions as one of the list of ur friends’ links…

  2. 给我们时间?很多人就是总用这句话掩饰自己的不努力,我不是说你,只不过中国政府总是给人说的比作的漂亮的印象.他们的工作效率实在是太低了. 


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